Our Story

"The mission of Start is to celebrate and serve those who are creative, passionate, and not afraid to overcome struggles in the pursuit of greatness."

We represent the 16-year-old dancer from Atlanta that utilizes his platform to provide for his community. The music producer from Detroit who, against all obstacles, created a viral movement that inspired others to take action on racial injustice. The NYC high schooler battling to become the first in his family to graduate.

We understand that "START" is more than a word. It is a choice that has the potential to change lives.


The START  team uses a meticulous approach to creating products.

The first step taken by the design team is to interview content creators to understand their needs first and the styles that represent their reality.

After understanding the values that are important to consider when making a design, the team creates mockups of potential products.


These drawings are then converted into interactive, 3D models that can be fine-tuned according to design specifications. 

When the model is finished, a final render is conducted to understand how the garment will interact with the varying body types of our START customers. Typically, this rendering process takes less than 30 minutes, but that time can exceed as much as 2 hours if the product is very detailed in nature.

The rendering process enables designers to gauge how the garment will adapt to different environments, enabling the team to make changes that will optimize the garment's performance. The final design is reviewed, before it enters the physical production phase.

After outlining all design specifications, the team works with suppliers from across the world to source premium products at a respectable price-point. The effort placed in sourcing fabric and other materials can take months, but these efforts enable the START network to offer a high-quality product at a fair price. In addition to sourcing great materials, our team is dedicated to sustainable practices. Reducing our carbon footprint in the climate crisis and upholding ethically sound production practices is core to our values, and we refuse to sacrifice these values for an extra dollar.

To ensure the START network is able to gauge a product well, we use a high-end studio for our photography and other general content creation. This step is certainly fun, but is arguably the most important one as well.

Additional Credits, Licences & Attribution

Laundry Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com